My Top 5 Reasons On Why It’s Awesome To Be Healthy

  1. You become stronger. This is particularly true when incorporating resistance training into your lifestyle. You notice manual jobs become that much easier. You hold yourself with more confidence and feel a dramatic difference in your physical abilities.
  2. Your immune system improves. Living a healthy lifestyle means you are far more resistant to bugs and sickness. Coping with stress, consuming a variety of nutritious foods and incorporating exercise pushes your body to function at it’s best. Long term this also means you increase your chances of avoiding serious illness and potentially add years to your existence .
  3. Your whole-body changes. Different muscles develop. Your tendons, bones and ligaments become stronger. Your skin looks healthier, your body fat reduces, your posture improves.
  4. You feel happier. This is most definitely my favourite aspect of being healthy. You’ll develop a sinewy discipline from setting goals and completing them. The release of natural endorphin's when you work out will be enough to immediately lift your mood. Your self esteem and confidence improves every time you break a new personal record or push through a particularly unmotivated patch. You’ll feel more content with your appearance, less stressed and generally much more able to deal with life’s challenges.
  5. You will notice an increase in your social life. Being healthy allows you to be more active with friends and have the confidence to meet new people. You might be interested in playing team sports or going for long hikes. Feeling healthier will encourage you to try out new activities.