Content Lemon: A Platform for Content Writers

For the past couple of weeks I have been working on a new platform for content writers to make it easier for them to create great content and get it approved to be published. You can sign up to the mailing list here to hear about the latest news.

On this journey so far, I have discovered a few things;

My Product is Specific

There’s no arguing this point and I knew from the original idea that I had in my head that the market for this product would be for a specific audience. That’s the point though right? Know who your building the product for and don’t try to over complicate things.

The original design and entire idea for Content Lemon was so huge it would have taken years for me to develop on my own in my spare time away from work. The reason why is because I wanted it to be everything from the start. No baby steps, just a fully grown beast of a product. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with having an amazing, fully beefed out product from the start, but more of a hindrance when it comes to actually creating something when your by yourself.

Keep It Simple Stupid is the phrase I have found myself saying throughout this process. This is my first MVP that I am launching so it’s going to be a learning curve right?

Where’s the Community

After digging around and contacting my potential customers over social streams I realised something quite quickly. There isn’t a big community in the area of content writing. Yes I know there are websites for you to get content written for you, but where’s the “community” and the togetherness. You have so many spots around the web to interact with other web designers, developers, graphic designers etc etc. But the people who create the content, the medium in which people will read and digest, there are very few if any real commmunities.

This is what I am looking at in the future for Content Lemon. Not only be a platform for simplicity but also start driving a community and get content writers talking to each other about work they are doing and heck even rate other peoples work. Everybody loves getting a tap on the back and a thumbs up from someone in their field right?

Focus is the Key

I haven’t been developing this product for long but I know for a fact that most of the time I can be own worst enemy. Trying to focus on one thing at a time has always been a crook in my step and I am hoping that creating, launching and marketing Content Lemon, I will be able to gain more focus and persistance.

I currently work freelance and create sites for clients, design bits and bobs and do the odd bit of hosting management but I love the idea of having my own product that I can take care of and build how I want it. If at the end of this I am the only one using the platform, yes I will be a bit disappointed and yes it could be seen as a little waste of time. But at least I know that I took it from start to finish and didn’t leave it in the product limbo.

If you read all of the above, thank you for listening/reading to my babble. It means a lot. I aim to write about my experiences building products as well as working freelance and having a family in the hope that it may help anyone in a similar situation who struggles for time and focus.

You can check out hear about the progress of Content Lemon by signing up to the mailing list here or checking it out on Twitter.