My God

I am not a religious person. I never have been and never will be. With my analytical brain and tendency towards skepticism, it is all but impossible for me to embrace religion. I have witnessed the evils it has wrought upon the world, and how humanity has used it to justify atrocities, much of which is condoned in the original text.

But I’m not here to talk about religion. I’m here to talk about God, specifically what that means to me.

Human beings turn to religion to explain things about the world, to find solace and comfort in the belief of a higher power that has a plan for everything and everyone. We find hope and strength in the perceived power of prayer. But to me, God is not a bearded old white man with a kingdom in the clouds who created everything and will judge you for touching yourself or eating the wrong food. God is not a conscious being. God is life. God is love.

Take a moment to step outside and feel the warm sun on your face. That’s God. The great beauty of a lush green valley. The wonder in the eyes of a child. That’s God. Having a dear friend you know you can talk to about anything, and they won’t judge you. Someone who wants you in their life even when you have nothing to offer but yourself, who only wants to love and support you. The butterflies in your stomach when you see someone you like. The smell of fresh bread. That hyper-real feeling of awareness when you let go of your worries and stop thinking, and just feel, taking in the world and living in the moment. That is God. That is life. That is my religion. I hold it very dear.

We all have one life. Love as deeply as you can, and always spread happiness. No more hate. Make us whole again. ❤

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