Grimace May Be Trump’s Next Target

The lovable McDonaldLand Purple One Needs to Watch His Back

Tensions were always there between the now-President and the Purple DealMaker

Before Donald J. Trump became the 45th President of the United States, he played a successful businessman on TV, especially renown for his leading role on NBC’s The Apprentice. The Donald also played a successful, somewhat winsome New York business tycoon in a number of national junk food television commercials throughout the late 1980s into our current millennium.

There was his controversial “how-to-eat-a-slice-of-pizza” ad alongside his glamorous first wife Ivana (everyone knows a real New Yorker folds their slice from Ray’s, come on). There was also his pre-match Diet Pepsi hype with Mike Tyson. And if there was ever any question on Trump’s ability to deliver a type-cast role, he reprised it once again in an Oreos’ commercial, starring alongside NFL quarterback brothers Eli & Peyton Manning.

Which leads us to this past week.

Donald Trump has tweeted something like 15 times about NFL players taking a knee to protest police brutality during the national anthem before each kickoff. This is after he basically called Colin Kaeprnick’s mom the B-word during a political rally in Alabama last week. (Props on mom for her Tweet game).

Is Trump misdirecting the nation from his flailing Obamacare repeal efforts? Possibly.

But I actually believe this is just Trump being Trump — a petty man who is entirely focused on settling scores rather than, you know, offering leadership and actually governing the country.

I mean, just watch ESPN’s wonderful 30 for 30 documentary on Trump and the USFL and you will quickly see that this is all, just like Obama, Megyn Kelly, and the Republican Elite, about settling scores.

Which brings me to fear that Grimace is next.

When they appeared alongside one another in McDonald’s 2002 commercial, the subtext was fairly clear — red hot jealousy for Grimace’s easy-going success around his $1 Big ‘N Tasty burger.

Trump already felt jealous of the beloved purple monster in this 2002 McDonald’s commercial

The Orange Don could still be harboring a grudge against the Purple Blob. Look at that sourpuss face on The Donald: Did he wash down that Big N Tasty with some Trump Winery Viognier or did he know he would one day have to settle the score with a blinking puppet. Or was he just thinking this?

You don’t need to be a graduate of Trump University to figure that back channels from the West Wing this very evening are preparing a massive oppo-dump on the beloved leader from McDonaldLand, reminding the public of his nefarious “evil” early days. The “evil Grimace” was pegged for a number of high crimes and misdemeanors in his origin story, so it would be easy to settle this score. But, we all know that Grimace was eventually embraced as one of Ronald McDonald’s happy meal friends.

But with Trump, the enemy list is long, and we shouldn’t be surprised if and when he begins to receive the wrath of 140 characters or less.


Also, pray for the impeachment or resignation of our Demagogue Racist in Chief. He’s gotta go, fam.