It Is Time To Ban The AR-15 Assault Rifle

This gun is built to destroy human bodies, as it did in Orlando

this is one of the most evil-intended machines of our time

There is no reason why any ordinary person on American soil should have access to the AR-15 Assault Rifle, a weapon made purely to destroy human bodies.

The AR-15 was one of the weapons used to kill 50 people at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida (with the death toll likely to go up).

scene from Orlando

The AR-15 was used to kill all of the Sandy Hook Elementary victims in Newtown, Connecticut. That’s right, a military grade weapon manufactured for war tore apart the bodies of 20 6–7 year olds, ending their lives in a matter of seconds. Their teachers and adult staff members killed in such brutality as well.

And yes, the AR-15 was used in the San Bernardino murders. (even though it is banned in the state of California)

As Wikipedia states:

At the federal level, AR-15s are legal and considered the same as any other rifle.

And yet, it isn’t any other rifle.

As activist and journalist Shaun King tweeted out on Sunday, it is an indefensible weapon — both literally and rhetorically.

Of course it was an AR-15 used in the worst mass shooting in American history because that is what it is supposed to deliver: easy, mass human casualties.

And in Orlando, it is incredibly easy to buy one. All you have to do is Google it.

If you are not in Orlando, it is also easy to find one of “the top 15 AR-15s under $500.”

15 AR-15s under $500

While it is perfectly legal to buy this human killing machine, it is, in fact, illegal for many of our neighbors (who happen to be gay) to donate life-saving blood.

What kind of a world is this we live in?

We will hear politicians, pundits and others saying this is an act of terrorism. And that we need to beef up our intelligence. And that we need to protect our borders.

That, in and of itself alone, is utter bullshit.

We need to pray. And we will.

We need to grieve. And we will.

We need to hug our loved ones. And we will.

We need to ban guns, too. Starting with the AR-15 — stop manufacturing it. Stop selling it. Stop indefensibly defending it. Stop this madness.

Of course we need to look at terrorism. Of course we need to look at mental health. Of course we need to address many, many issues. Banning this AR-15 is one pebble in an ocean of violence we can address.