Let’s Do This #HackTrumpsTaxes

Donald Trump just called on the Russians to hack into American servers to find Hillary Clinton’s emails.

So, I’m calling on my fellow Americans — I’m especially looking at you college soon-to-be-sophomores and juniors hanging out in your parents air-conditioned basements — to do the world a solid and #HackTrumpsTaxes.

I know you are thinking — “but this will creep into my Pokemon-Go flow” — but the country needs you for a time such as this. We’ll send RedBull and Taco Bell. Just get to work.

Seriously, what is Tax-Dodging Trump hiding?

Is Donald Trump not really a billionaire?

Does he not really give a dime to charity?

Do Hillary and Bill Clinton not only pay more in taxes but make more in income?

Is it possible that Ivanka actually makes more money?

For a man with such a “penchant” for justice — calling on President Obama to release his birth certificate — you would think it would be easy for Trump to release his tax returns.

But that’s the thing with Tax-Dodging Trump — he doesn’t just lack integrity, he probably lacks the dollars.