Should Designers Code????
Alan Cooper

Finally a voice of reason amongst the madness. As a designer myself, one with some technical understanding and about 20 years working hand in hand with engineers (coders, developers -choose non offensive term). I can’t stand these attention grabbing headlines. Politics and poor management aside, I hate the fact that somehow you are expected to adopt these diverse skills without a thought as to how this impacts production.

“Excuse me sir but when I’m coding who will be doing the design? Oh you want me to do that as well, in parallel no doubt?”

A great team knows their strengths, plays to them and plays together well. Why people feel insecure or paranoid that they don’t have all the skills is beyond me, or worse those without understanding how teams or development work and who are pushing this agenda. When was it not enough just to be great at one thing?

Note to management: Focus on the quality, hire diverse people with diverse skills and trust them to get on with the job in hand, stop lecturing…

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