7 Popular Questions about Software Developers

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If you have an idea for your app/website but don’t know how to find good software developers? Don’t worry, these 7 questions will give you some hints.

Who are Software Developers?

They are IT experts who develop programs and IT platform for automatic work, using computer science to process information and complex mathematical tasks.

Regarding the skill levels, there are three types of software developers including junior developers, mid-level developers, and senior developers.

- Junior developers: They get fundamental knowledge of programming and frameworks. Also, they can work with databases and building prototypes. However, junior developers are still young with limited experience and need to be guided by more advanced developers. Generally, junior developers need to know at least one programming language.

  • Mid-level developers: They have more detailed knowledge relating to particular languages, frameworks, appropriate libraries, browser operation, client-server technologies, security components, and database management. Thus, they take responsibility for the quality and timeliness of development projects. Generally, mid-level developers have a higher level of education but some of them are promoted because of their knowledge and experience. Mid-level and senior developers know several programming languages.

- Senior developers: The highest level of developer that handle difficult tasks such as creating project specifications, controlling/completing small projects and modules, programming and testing basic component. They can work independently, make the right solutions and mentor younger developers, or even manage a development team. Compared to the others, senior developers take more important responsibilities for the quality and timely execution of development works. Also, they know complicated knowledge relating to analysis and design tools, software engineering processes, markup languages, client-server technology, browser work, web/apps servers, databases, operating systems, and office suites.

How to distinguish frontend and backend developers?

How much does a software developer earn annually?

The salary of software developers depends on their positions, tasks in IT companies, even their fame and skill levels. The average income is about £30.000 a year.

- Senior developers who own high-level skill can earn about $140.000 a year. They work on complicate development projects, monitor the implementation process of all steps, and provide consultations. In a group project, they work as a leader.

- Junior developers who are at beginner level are paid about $60.000 per year. They are mostly application programmers and software engineers who work as supporting members of a group. Beginner developers perform coding and debugging throughout the development process under the supervision of senior developers.

How to hire a good software developer?

Similar to finding an outsourcing software development company, the basic way is to review the developers’ previous experience. You can talk to previous clients, listen to their feedback about a software developer’s performance. After that, you need to create the list of programs or apps your customers use to find as much information as possible about developers who build them. Also, you can find good software developers by checking out companies or freelance experts that your competitors work with. There are several available sites for you to find freelance developers such as upwork.com and toptal.com.

However, in cases of planning a big project with complicated technical requirements, a good software developer is not enough. What you need is a professional execution developers and testing team with the whole process of development including architecture, prototyping, programming, compilation, testing, and online launching. A software developer can’t finish those tasks, they need the combination of an app programmer, a designer, and a tester. Thus, it’s better to choose a development agency.

How do a free app developer earn money?

Many people wonder if free app developers make money when their app is free to download and users don’t have to pay for functionality. Making money by download fee is not a profitable method. Here are three different strategies to earn money:

- Advertising: the most popular way to earn money, especially in the market that 90% of free apps flooding app stores. There are a lot of companies which care about large audiences and narrow target groups. By placing ads in apps, they can attract app downloaders and users with their products. Using ads including videos, banners and incentivized messages depend on the overall goal as well as target audience’s specifics.

- Sponsorship: A free app can help present the company itself to other big organization which cares about it. Free app developers can receive money sponsoring from other companies to improve the app. This is a win-win relationship.

- Direct sales: When a free app proves its effectiveness to users, the developer can sell other relevant products to users. This method builds a strong relationship and collects data.

On the other hand, a free app developer also uses email marketing, subscriptions, affiliate income, and in-app purchases to make more money.

How to become a software developer without degree?

Honestly, there are some exception that developers have to get a degree if they want to work as a professional programmer. Google, for example, a company of high-level experts. Education plays a tremendous part in choosing a candidate. Thus, if you plan to be a part of giant-tech companies, you need to get a degree in computer science or relevant disciplines like math or information system management.

However, you still become a developer without a degree in smaller-sized companies if you have a clear orientation, here is the process:

- Learning a programming language: a junior develop need to know at least one programming language so you can pick one of the most popular to learn. This is a fundamental way to put your first step into the IT world. You can learn other basic knowledge through this language before starting with the next ones.

- Be a part of a community: every IT experts need an environment to develop. In a community, you will meet higher-leveled specialists who supervise you and share experience/documents. You will be better when you are among people who are interested in the same things as you are to grow up together.

- Working on real projects: You need to apply to a company and get your first experience in real projects. Through real projects, you learn a lot and understand all the previous theoretical knowledge faster.

- Practice makes perfect: To stay in this field in the long term period, you need to spend your time on building projects, testing and expanding your professional networks.

Who are the best business application developers?

The business app is a multifunctional software system which is designated to automate key business functions and processes. This app help to improve the working process of a company, reduce paperwork and support the overall management process.

A business app is a complicated app. Thus, it needs a good business application developer. He or she not only builds a high-leveled business tool but also researches an enterprise’s working process, figures out its strengths and weaknesses. He or she must understand what should do to find solutions.

In the past, Margaret Heafield was the one created the term “software development”. Firstly, her work which writing code to predict weather and detect enemy planes. She was the first programmer working for NASA to develop the software that helped to send people to the moon.

Nowadays, it’s easy to find the best developers by checking the independent ratings on clutch.com. Good developers appear in any country, any special area such as mobile apps, web.

Here are the top 7 questions that help you to find good software developers. It’s undeniable that finding software developers need more than the above 7 things. However, they are the first steps before finding the real partners in the long term period.

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