How to hire a mobile app development company to build an app?

Kevin Nguyen
Jul 21 · 4 min read

We all know that mobile app development is a difficult task so it’s hard to avoid every mistake during the process. However, the mistakes can turn out to be major problems if you choose a wrong partner from the start. Thus, knowing the hiring method can reduce your stress in maintaining the app’s success. In this article, we will show you how to hire a trusted software company to develop an app:

Evaluate their quality accurately

The first step to evaluating a company is to review its portfolio, but not all clients know how to review it. Through a portfolio, you can find out the previous projects, type of clients, the provided services, etc. Among these case studies, you should check if this company has worked with similar clients, similar apps or similar niches to yours. This will help you to find an understandable partner. Moreover, ensure that you used at least two or three apps that it built before to evaluate the working quality. Also, you should compare the quality to your partner’s quotation to evaluate if they exaggerate their skills or not.

On the other hand, you should collect enough reviews and rates before choosing. The experience when working with previous clients will impact how the staffs communicate with you. Besides that, an experienced mobile app development company never hide its value. Thus, you need to access the review website as TopDigitalAgency or Clutch to see how a company is evaluated by the technology community. Also, you can meet some previous clients to know how this company works with them and how they feel about working quality.

Quality first, then the price

Mobile app development is a profitable but risky industry because it can defeat a successful business if you don’t invest strongly for quality. Mobile apps’ quality not only maintains the technology stable but also attract more customers in the future. Thus, you should consider the quality as a priority instead of the price. After choosing a high-qualified software development partner, you can discuss with them about some discounts or eliminating unnecessary components to cut costs. A good company never try to earn from you as much as possible. Its team members will advise what to pay and what not to pay for the development process.

You should consider before choosing a low-priced company or even a freelancer for your project. Mobile app development is a race of high and expensive technology so “cheap” is not a customer attraction factor to an app development company. Saving little in the first stage may end up costing you more in the next stages when you have to pay more for fixing and maintenance. After all, prioritizing the quality is more profitable in the long run.

Pay attention to platforms

The platform impacts the success of mobile apps. First, you collect enough information about your target audiences such as demographics and insights. Then, you will find it easy to choose iOS, Android or cross-platform technology to build an app. However, not all mobile app development companies expertise all platforms. Thus, if you want to build an Android app, you need to find a company specializing in Android. This company can analyze Android’s advantages and disadvantages as well as other good supplement technology stuffs to build the best Android app.

The important role of user experience

People won’t wait to figure out your app’s benefits if its user experience bothers or annoys them. You can build a useful app with the most creative concept and special features, but it will bring no value if users find it hard to use. Even your app works well in the market, the user experience still needs to be cared in the next updating stages to attract more customers and maintain user loyalty. Thus, you need to ensure that your partner can handle issues relating to user experiences and the visual of your mobile app. This company must have experience in researching users’ behaviors and mobile using habits. Moreover, the design team should keep up with the latest design trends.

Building a win-win and positive relationship between you and your partner

You should hire a mobile app development company which has the value of building a long-term partnership. This will save your time and effort in other projects in the future because both sides understand each other in the previous working process. Moreover, a win-win and fine relationship can give you some privileges on discounts or special offers from your partner.

However, an enduring relationship doesn’t come from the development company side. You should support them if necessary, by providing enough information, asking them if they need help or meeting.

In term of the partner side, you need to find a partner who is willing to cooperate, share information and knowledge and work alongside you while understanding the goals. This partner will smoothen your experience and be an expert for you to call in cases of problems or future requirements. Furthermore, this relationship can bring success as you want sooner.

The above five steps just help you to filter and outsourcing high-qualified mobile app development companies. Many unexpected problems and misunderstandings will occur during the development process, even when you work with a good partner. Thus, you should prepare for these situations by meeting periodically to revise and make the process follows the right direction.

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