Tips to create a website as AirBnB

Kevin Nguyen
Aug 11 · 5 min read

Airbnb is a successful case study and a leading example of the e-commerce industry. The success of Airbnb can provide many lessons for businesses about how to turn a simple MVP to a powerful income-generating solution.

In this article, we will figure out how to apply Airbnb’s experience to your website.

Focus on the most basic needs of the target audience

When Chesky and Gebbia built Airbnb in 2008. They followed on the basic needs of their users and stayed with them until expanding business model with more functions. The founders focus on guests and hosts’ demands. While guests want to find places to stay for a reasonable price during travel time, hosts want to earn money by leasing their houses. Then, they built an MVP based on these needs.

Your target audience may have a lot of demands but not all of them need to be solved quickly. Thus, you shouldn’t try to build an app that handles all of the customers’ problems. That just makes your app complicated and difficult for users to use. Instead of that, you should follow the most emergent problems which customers need to solve immediately.

Simplify your business model

Simplify business model influences how you create user experience interface. The simpler the UX is, the more people stay loyal to your website.

Based on the simple business model, the Airbnb website has two interfaces for both hosts and guests, both interfaces are simple and easy to access. One for customers to find the house in a particular location and others allow hosts to connect to guests. Both interfaces require users to register and agree with user policy. Hosts and guests can manage their profile, payment, and contact through Airbnb website. All users need to pay a fee for using Airbnb.

It’s easy to realize that the exchange model like Airbnb or other similar ideas can transfer to the e-commerce marketplace benefiting both sides. Thus, you should try to discover a dependence relationship between two sides to give out a suitable business model.

Choosing the right technology for your MVP

Ruby on Rails (RoR) is famous as a powerful technology foundation of the Airbnb website. This framework helps Airbnb to build a cost-effective website without scarifying security and speed. RoR is loved in the web development industry by three principles:

- Model-View-Controller architecture (MVC) provides a clean, comprehensible structure of the solution’s foundation.

- Conventions-Configurations principle save your time by concentrating on the important things and reduce the amount of necessary code.

  • Don’t repeat yourself (DRY): Based on the DRY principle which decreases the repetition of data in the system, RoR helps minimize software development errors.

The success of Airbnb proves RoR is a fast and simple solution for complex and profitable websites. However, not all successful case studies can bring the same efficiency to other similar cases. Choosing the right technology depends strongly on your budget and development timeline so you need to plan it out. You should find a domain that meets your needs and expectations before making a website. You can hire professional developers from development companies or freelance community to support.

Be careful with your budget

You may pay from about $38.000 to about $225.000 for outsourcing a top software development company to build an e-commerce website like Airbnb. The price includes design and other below features:

- A search box: A prominent and user-friendly search bar will catch customers ‘attention. It is a CTA which pushes customers to find places immediately.

- A map search: The interactive map helps users to search for locations.

- Customer reviews: This section plays an important part in increasing truth and attracting potential customers. Customer reviews allow active or previously active clients to leave their feedback about the website and hosts.

- Price ranges: This helpful feature is an unreplaceable part of the e-commerce marketplace, especially for website helping customers save their money like Airbnb.

- Convenient dashboard: For safety and personalization reason, your website may need a managing space for guests and hosts to access and save information. Airbnb website’s dashboard includes total numbers of bookings, listings, profits, messaging section, profile and customization section.

- Payment gateways: Your e-commerce site need to provide some popular payment gateways used by your target audience such as PayPal, Stripe, SecurePay… Your payment process should be secured and convenient.

- Checkout: Ensure your website make it easy for clients to check out and buy products.

- Social media button: If you have other social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn, you should integrate them to your website. You can design buttons of the social channels on your website. This helps you to promote your website and keep in touch with your customers in the future.

It seems to waste a big budget, but you don’t need to do all of these things at the beginning. To save money, you should focus on an MVP and test for a while before expanding your website with more features. Also, you should consider the up-front costs and long-term costs to have a suitable plan.

In conclusion, the success of Airbnb is a combination of understanding users’ needs, using the right people and technology and trying to simplify the business model. In other ways, they are similar to many familiar formulas for a successful website that we’ve heard before. The key thing is how patience you are, how you do to when meeting unexpected problems and how you plan for your website. Additionally, finding a trusted software development service plays an important role in your successful plan as well as improve the timeline and website quality. In Adamo Digital, we always pay attention to provide the great software development service to customers which including consulting to customers for the better solutions. If you have any questions and need our help, feel free to contact us, Adamo Digital is always ready to support your requirements.

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