Tips to Find a Reliable Longer-Term Software Development Partner

Kevin Nguyen
Dec 3, 2019 · 4 min read

The work of digital marketing agencies has changed a lot in the 4.0 era. Back in the day, their scope of work includes creating a logo, writing creative copy or arranging for ads to be placed on billboards. However, digital marketing agencies nowadays have to face will a challenge that their clients must be seen outstandingly on the internet. They started to find new channels for promoting brands such as mobile apps, building an impressive website or even creating a landing page.

That’s the reason why a digital marketing agency needs a trusted software development partner for its plan. This article will provide you some tips on how to choose a reliable long term software development partner for your digital agency.

Check portfolio

This is the first thing you need to check. It’s easy to check a company’s portfolio on Dribble, Behance, GitHub or even this company’s website. If you don’t find any, don’t worry, this company may stick to its NDAs so its works can’t be shared publicly. Thus, you need to contact the company’s representatives directly to receive some documents. Remember to follow its security rules. Checking the company’s portfolio will help you to access your first data before narrowing down your choices.

Check expertise

You need to be careful when checking your outsourcing partner’s expertise because you don’t have in-house app developers. Thus, it’s hard for you to evaluate software development services offered by this partner. Generally, there are two criteria to choose a software development company:

- Its programmers are skilled enough to create a product that meets your and your client’s expectations.

- The developers can understand or identify clients’ problems, consult and suggest solutions for them.

But, how do you see such criteria?

There are various ways to check an outsourcing software company’s expertise such as task testing, coding, case studies review. Generally, a partner who creates high-qualified projects has three main aspects:

How this team copes with technological challenges

Good software developers will research, analyze these challenges, find out other relevant case studies and use their existing expertise to figure out solutions for clients. Also, your digital agency should have someone having personal experience with development and design so they can evaluate the quality of code, UI interfaces and give out an overall impression of work.

Deep knowledge of the product and market

Software Development is a big industry with a wide range of expertise field so you need to understand your partner’s domain expertise. You can check their previous projects to see if a company has experience dealing with another similar project or developing apps in a particular industry.

Who are this company’s clients?

You can evaluate your partner through its clients. Has it worked for global brands? Which types of jobs does it collaborate with technology giants? This information will give you some valuable insights into how well established a company.

True client references and testimonials

Besides previous experiences, reviews and client testimonials on the company’s website, it’s necessary to check these criteria from third-party resources. A good and professional outsourcing partner with an amazing portfolio would welcome reviews from anyone. Clutch and Goodfirms are the most popular ones collecting company descriptions, facts, and reviews. Especially, these sites allow clients to submit their opinions, not outsourcing vendors themselves to retain a sense of objectivity. Also, these sites will give you more information about a company’s rank because they rate companies based on multiple reviews.

Good communication

You should always keep in touch with your partner to track the workload and prevent this vendor from disappearing in emergencies. A good partner will ensure that you are on the same page with its development teams and share the same vision. This company can build good communication with you by some methods below:

Use management and communication tools: both sides should share the same platform or software to track project procedures, such as Jira.

- Calls and meetings periodically: These tasks should be done frequently to give an overall review after each stage of the development process. A good team can contact you for a kick-off meeting, demo presentations between sprints or project reports.

- Have a project manager in the development team: A project manager takes responsibility for communication between you and your partner as well as managing the team. If you need something from your partner, this person is the first one you think to contact. He or she ensures the deadlines, budget constraints, a stable flow for deliveries, manage routines, etc. Moreover, this person can be responsible for integrating your in-house development team with an outsourcing team.

Finding a new partner of an irrelevant field like software development is a huge challenge for a digital agency. But it’s also an opportunity for further development in the future so it worth the effort.

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