Swift Roll 2 — Build a Magazine RSS Reader / Note Taking App

keeping up

This is the 2nd in a series of Swift Rolls — an opportunity to practice the craft of app development in a more real-world way then a kata.


Build an iOS app that displays the articles from your favorite print magazine and allows you to take notes on each article. I chose to build mine to read the Economist Magazine. If you’d like to use the Economist as well, here’s a JSON file with a list of RSS feeds for each section.


  • Show a list of all recent articles from the magazine
  • Show a list of all notes associated with an article
  • Compose a note that can have text and or an image that is associated with an article
  • Each time the user opens the app new articles are fetched
  • Articles and notes are permanently persisted

Optional features:

  • Add a search function to find a note
  • Make articles and notes available via Spotlight Search

Please share a link to your work in the comments below so we can learn from and help each other out. Here’s the code for my solution.