Smart Watches will Fail

The fate of the smart watch is in the trash while still in their plastic wrapped boxes

Smart watches took the tech world by storm back in 2010 when a small company announced their idea for it through a kickstarter campaign. Since the first time I saw the idea, I asked myself why would I want one? I wanted so hard to believe that the idea was good, that there was something I was missing, that yes I too would want to get one — and possibly that my wife might want one.

But no. After 3 years and multiple smart watches coming to market, and more on the horizon, I still do not want one. I know some people who did buy them, but they are no longer using them. Now, I love new tech but these smart watches don’t excite me. I’m tired of reading articles about how much potential these watches have — how the iWatch or Samsung smart watch or Pebble may change the world. Yes, the time has come to start digging the grave for these so called smart watches and here is one more shovel of dirt.

Introducing wearable technology. The first major issue with these so called smart watches are that they are butt ugly. All of them are made for men but even the men I know think their too ugly to wear. Moreover, the wrist is a highly competitive place. The wrist belongs to bracelets, a stylized regular watch or my personal favorite — being naked and free.

The next problem is a trend. Smart phones are really great. We can play games on the smart phone, get directions, check email, text messages, make phone calls, check facebook, whatever. At any moment that I’m bored I pull out my smart phone and take a break to see if something interesting is going on outside of my current setting. The problem is that in many situations, I need to resist the urge to check my smart phone. For instance, if I’m hanging out with friends or at dinner with my family, or driving a car, or I’m at work.

So with all of the potentially distracting things on my smart phone, it is still safely stored just out of view — allowing me to be present in the moment until I decide otherwise. Smart watches are the opposite. They take those distractions and put them right in front of my face. Now we don’t have a choice but to look at the email or text that just came in. Our minds will always be somewhere else.

It is impossible for me to type anything useful into a smart watch, other than a simple button entry. For starters, I will only have one hand to input anything. Yes, it’s possible that if I wanted to type something like a text message the smart watch could use voice translation to translate what I say into text. But all voice to text systems have major problems and the text never comes out right.

Smart watch apps — how useful could these really be? Can I look at my wrist and see the weather? How nice. Now instead of looking out the window or looking at my smart phone, or watching the weather on the news I can look at the weather on my wrist… wow, what a crazy innovation (that’s sarcastic).

Let’s take the last chunk. The piece that nobody has done yet, but I’m sure its coming. So do you remember Dick Tracey sunday comics? No, neither do I. In these comics the star received phone calls through his watch. If a smart watch does this, can I have a private conversation? Is it a speaker phone? Do I need a headset in my ear to take a call? Oh wait, most smart phones are already bluetooth devices, so it would be a challenge to also have a headset. Regardless, I don’t want to have a smart watch that takes phone calls.

Finally, I have to ask — Do we need yet another so called smart device to manage in our lives? What songs should I put on it? What apps? What videos? No. I will not do it.

Years ago we started to win the battle of the wrist. Cell phones gave us the time, wrist watches remained only because they are designed to complement a persons style (in an uncountable number of designs). For the sake of yourself, your loved ones, and your attention span — keep these calculator watches, oh sorry, keep these smart watches off your wrists!

Just say NO to smart watches. Pick up a shovel and join me.