Announcing k0s, the Smallest, Simplest Kubernetes Distribution

$ #Download, install, and start a k0s server
$ curl -sSfL | sh
$ k0s server
$ #Create and add a worker node
$ k0s token create --role=worker
$ k0s worker <TOKEN>
$ #Or quickly try it out in a Docker container anywhere
$ docker run -d --hostname controller --privileged -v /var/lib/k0s -p 6443:6443 k0sproject/k0s
  • Local development clusters
  • Private datacenter clusters (on bare metal or virtual machines)
  • Public cloud clusters (on bare metal or virtual machines)
  • Edge, IoT and Telecom/O-RAN clusters
  • Hybrid cloud / hyper converged clusters
  • Support for any compliant CRI, such as ContainerD to Docker Enterprise.
  • Multiple machine architectures, including Intel and Arm.
  • Runs on any Linux host, or Windows Server 2019 (worker nodes only).
  • Support for common CNI and CSI providers.
  • Supports RBAC, OpenID providers, Pod Security Policies, Network Policies, Micro VM Runtimes, and Control Plane Isolation.
  • Includes DNS by CoreDNS, Cluster Metrics by Metrics Server, Horizontal Pod Autoscaling (HPA), GPU Support, Zero-downtime Cluster Upgrades, and Cluster Backup & Restore.
k0s demo



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