“So, Let’s Build A Professional Soccer Team From Scratch …”
Dennis Crowley

As an Arsenal fan from just outside London/UK and a founder of a music/ tech startup, Ive been facsinated by this story, as it involves the two things (outside my family I love the most (startups and Soccer)

I love the idea, the reasoning behind it, the transparency, the want and need to make something change and the motivation to do something good for a community. Plus you’ve got the best damn logo/ badge Ive ever seen in football! What a great idea! Myself and a few of my fellow Arsenal fans are all rooting for you all and following your journey closely. the Leicester City story has captured the sporting world and it proves ambition, commitment and teamwork can win against big bucks, and totally proves your theory that promotion/ relegation is the best system (Leicester escaped relegation by 1 point last season, and went onto to win the EPL this year as we know…Thats the coolest story and incredible motivation for change)

Keep up the amazing work fellas and good luck in your first two upcoming home games! The UK is behind you!!

PS amazing post Denis, love the transparency your bringing from the startup world to the soccer world!

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