For the 10% of people that are still undecided which way to vote in the EU referendum

Approximately 10% of the population are still undecided how to vote this polling day. This is my case to you for voting Remain.

This is why, in short, I believe you should vote Remain

  • The economy, stupid
  • Freedom of movement is awesome, and the future
  • For a democratic force to rival the will of big business
  • To build a social and progressive union
  • For togetherness and unity with brilliant, barmy Europe
  • So we don’t lose all of our brilliant European friends

I believe the Brexit camp’s core arguments are wrong

Sovereignty can only be given to something that is sovereign. The EU is a neighbourhood committee, it is not and never will be a state. If it ever had that ambition, I’m sure many within it did, it is now reaching a definite plateau after decades of expansion. If you think that the EU is overly dominated by the Germans, the only clear way to maintain a balance of power in Europe is to stay in and put our sizeable weight to use. Compared to an unchecked neoliberal monarchy with more unelected Lords than elected MPs it looks distinctly democratic. Also interesting to note is that we designed the German constitution ourselves (along with France and the U.S.) and it actually bars referendums, they were a favourite tool of Hitler.

Immigration is a massively positive thing, without which our economy would quickly crumble. It’s been pointed out to death the huge net economic benefit of inward migrants, it’s a simple fact that they help pay for our public services and pensions. It is telling that areas that tend to be the most suspicious of migrants are rarely mixed/metropolitan and often beset by poor governance and chronic under-investment. There are real grievances there but community cohesion comes from sharing opportunities and prosperity - where those are lacking, immigrants have been scapegoated. Most of our immigration is from outside of the EU anyway, so the argument is pretty well irrelevant, if we were even able to bring down migration we could have done it via other means.

As for Lexit… In my experience, the small but vocal Lexit camp are so often misguided illuminati-obsessives and far-left economic saboteurs in cahoots with libertarians like Alex Jones, unable to find the room for true empathy in their myopic worldview... yes yes, we know referendums are a farce, democracy is fickle and bent towards the interests of global capital but realistically is it the plodding, cautious Eurocrats or the powers seeking to stir hatred and break up our collective efforts towards unified and representative government who are the enemy? Marx believed capitalism was a necessary stepping stone, developing the structures and technology needed to build something approaching a social utopia. It’s nasty and it needs tough political organising, public scrutiny and regulation but this system is the platform on which we build something better and we are making slow but steady progress. It’s that or start from scratch, essentially.

If you really think that the free falling TTIP deal is a valid reason to leave, be sure that Boris and Farage will sell us down the river for much less. In any case, the world will become one less of borders and states and we will need exactly this sort of supranational political organisation to represent the collective needs of the many at the highest levels. We need this forum of democratic nations to face challenges that can only be fought as one such as the environment, humanitarian crises and getting ourselves the hell off this planet if it all goes tits up. As Labour MEP Richard Corbett reently put it “On matters you can’t solve by yourself you only have control by working with others.”

This is a wake up call for Europe, nothing will be the same again and they will not risk pushing another major economy to exit. They underestimated the British problem and it has now catalysed the need for change. It’s a real opportunity now to make it better. Today we must put aside guts and respect the weight of expert opinion, use our head and heart and vote with maturity, in light of actual day-to-day life and the actual consequences that will affect our reality and the lives of millions.

Vote Remain