Introducing AEUX, a tool for integrating motion design into a UX workflow—with fewer speed bumps than ever.

Motion design helps guide users, giving context and providing clues on how to best navigate. But it hasn’t always been easy to integrate this new field into established UX design workflows.

As recently as 2016, it still felt like the dark ages of UX motion design. There were a lot of new patterns but this was still before Lottie let us actually render animation on device. Preparing a visual design for After Effects meant rebuilding art inside of Illustrator, taking on complex importing and conversion processes, and padding deadlines for repeating the whole dumb process because of inevitable design revisions.

How I was less productive but found new ways to enjoy my life.

A rough start

One year ago I tweeted how excited I was for the possibilities of the new year and being an independent tool maker. We had been through a lot and I had been struggling with stress and depression for a year but I had finally reached a point where I was feeling healthy again.

6 days later I found out that health insurance carriers in Georgia terminated all individual plans that would cover my wife’s Multiple Sclerosis care and prescriptions.

Throughout the past decade, I have freelanced…

Adam Plouff

Animation tool developer for and Google. RubberHose, Overlord, ButtCapper, AEUX

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