30 Days of Writing: Day 13

Had a busy day today.

Did a shake out run this morning to get ready for the race this afternoon. Then went to Home Depot for a DIY workshop for repairing drywall and painting.

After that, I had a quick nap and then headed to the race.

It’s the first 5k I’ve done in a while. It was pretty warm and hilly. A buddy and I started off pretty quick. At the mile I was at 6:23.

For the next two miles I held on and fought back and forth with another runner. I managed to drop them on a hill and finish 6th overall in 19:27. It’s the fastest I’ve ran a 5k in a long time.

After the race we went to my aunt’s wedding. It was a small, nice ceremony.

After the long day I’m pretty worn out. Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. In addition to lunch with the family I have a 12 mile run in the morning and school work all afternoon.

I am ready for summer.