30 Days of Writing: Day 15

“Whoa, we’re halfway there….”

Sorry. I couldn’t resist a little Bon Jovi lyric.

We’ll I’m half way through the challenge and I must say I’m surprised I’ve been able to keep it up. There has been one or two days when my posts were short because I either realized late that I needed to post or I was not sure what to write about. Otherwise, I feel like things have gone well.

This has taught me a lot about myself and pushed me as a writer. There are days when I think I have nothing to write about and when I sit down and start typing I just can’t seem to stop. The mental block is just that: mental.

I’ve become better at organizing my thoughts as I write so that I have less to edit afterward. I’ve also learned that on days when I’m struggling, it’s easiest to just type whatever I’m thinking and to edit later.

In another 15 days I’ll have completed this challenge. Starting two online classes during this challenge and trying to finish out the school year has made this somewhat difficult to maintain. Because of this, I doubt I will try to keep the streak going for another 30 days.

However, this has shown me that I can spend 10–15 minutes a day working on a post without getting in the way of life. If I craft one post a week for medium using this 10–15 mins a day, I feel like I can write longer, more in-depth posts that will be more meaningful.

I’m glad I tackled this challenge and I’m looking forward to seeing how much more I learn over the next 15 days.

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