I’m Filled With An Innocuous Seething Anger

For all of your didactic psychobabble I find it ironic how you do not recognize that chronic anger is one of the most dangerous forms of stress, which is extremely harmful to the tissues of the body over time, and the antithesis of the word “innocuous,” which you so delicately placed in your title. But hey, if you wanna die in a neck brace at 40 like the Tourette’s Guy, be our guest (apologies, Beauty and the Beast is timely again, which I’m sure makes you livid with ardent rage). Speaking of the Tourette’s Guy (RIP), he taught us that yelling “Bob Saget” at the top of your lungs is a lot more funny than simply employing the old fuck-what-have-you, cause creativity. This whole righteous anger thing seems the highest form of suburban, developed world privilege, begging the question, but Planned Parenthood shootings and ISIS?

I feel an analogy is in order. I once read a book called “Everybody Poops” in grade school, which caused me to consider the validity of the absolutist title. The statement seemed to be mostly true, barring those in emergency rooms on a heavy dose of intravenous laxatives or those who haven’t had the luxury of eating for three weeks. However, one necessary caveat regarding this axiomatic declaration seemed glaringly absent. Everybody poops, sure. Not everybody does it in public ;)

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