Your loose lips sink the weighty ships of my heart

Silently they go into the dark deep of my mind

Weighed down by ideas of love, romance, and tolerance

Kept down in the dark by a world that fed those ideas back to me faster than I could realise

And lead me to capsize.

Waves of coping, care and kindness wash me up on the shores of what’s left

Starting again I try to rebuild my mind, in the ruins of something that has been left behind — Something that has long since been denied and died.

Who and why? Not to mention, where was I?

Discovering yourself is as adventurous as any misplaced journey

A journey without a goal is the best way to learn about yourself

Journeys of the heart, mind or spirit — not to mention the body too

Often are the best ways find “Who are you?”

The mountain of self is a tough one to climb

Wait till you get to the top and find

Nothing but the sun, stars and sky

And a sudden will to fly