A Proud Boy’s Code of Honor


The Proud Boys are much more than a fraternity to meet, drink and discuss politics.

Being conservative in Los Angeles — it became increasingly difficult to find like-minded people to converse with as the pendulum has swung so far to the left — and my thoughts and ideals have been vilified as “racist, hateful, xenophobic, __________.”

I found my local chapter the day before election night, and what a party we had! We celebrated President Trump’s victory at a meetup our in Santa Monica, one of the most liberal areas of L.A. We cheered as each swing state was called red, while the other patrons left or sat there in stunned disbelief, with the occasional angry glare directed my way. My victory celebration triggered the bar manager so hard that she 86’d us from the establishment.

Today — after the reactionary response and the doubling, tripling, and quadrupling down of the real “hateful rhetoric” of the leftist media and other outlets to President Trump — it’s become very clear that our platform is resonating with men and women across the country, and the world. Our fraternity showed up to stand and fight for what we believe in. We won the battle for Berkeley, punching BACK against the fascist violence of ANTIFA, and now more than ever — we must speak up about the truth.

We will do our part to SHIFT THE NARRATIVE — because we don’t accept mediocrity from our society any more. We will educate our fellow Americans about the very real problem of the Islamic Jihadi invasion, being imported under the veil of a humanitarian refugee crisis. Most “ordinary” Americans are uninformed about what’s happening — so knowing what we know about this nefarious globalist scheme, it’s duty to let people know what’s happening in Western Europe, and all across the U.S.A.

A very important thing I’d like to put forward is a code of conduct to those who wish to carry the title of a Proud Boy. This fraternity does seek to expand and recruit new members, but we want to make sure that those who are representing us aren’t engaging in behavior that reflects negatively upon the Proud Boys as a whole. That said, here’s a tentative list I’ve drafted for the group:

1. Stand for what you believe in. If anyone, at any time approaches you with the whole “Trump is a piece of shit” — don’t smile and nod. You don’t need to engage in a full on debate, but a simple “I disagree. I think he’s awesome!” will suffice. To remain silent is to tacitly agree with the cultural Marxist America-hating narrative that’s been fed to the American public.

2. Go to rallies. I get it, we all have lives, families, responsibilities— most of us are employed, some own businesses, etc. But our movement is no longer one to keep our discussions in private. We must show up to the free speech rallies, the Anti-Shari’a law marches put on by ACT this Saturday June 10th, and upcoming counter-demonstrations to the “Impeachment” protests. It’s a great way to meet and network with other people that are on the right side of this fight.

3. Adrenaline control. I’ve recently had people screaming in my face, mocking my inflection, engaging in ridiculous childish behavior — it’s all meaningless. There’s no reason to stoop to the level of retarded. We don’t go to start a fight, we go there to defend those who have been attacked, to stand firm and protect our brothers and sisters. If we’re attacked, we do punch back.

4. DON’T GET DRUNK/HIGH before a rally or any event that you’ll be representing the Proud Boys in public. I don’t care what you do in your own time, but if you’re going to be wearing the Black and Gold, and your behavior can be traced back to us — you need to put your best foot forward.

5. Do not engage in unnecessary drama, or engage in unethical tactics. The ends do not justify the means, and we must always carry ourselves with integrity. Do not be dishonest in business dealings. Do not retaliate in the manner of an SJW (doxing, threats, online flame wars, etc.) for that is not how we carry ourselves. We seek to maintain the moral high ground, for we are not degenerate America-hating Communists.

6. Respect others humanity. The ideological opposition we face has their reasons for believing what they do, based upon their past experiences and the massive amounts of propaganda they’ve absorbed to turn them against us. Many women still hate Trump solely because of the “grab her by the pussy” statement, and most of those didn’t even listen to the whole tape. They’ve made up their minds due to hit pieces on Salon and HuffPo, and conversations with their friends and frenemies about how “creepy” he is. Always engage with calm and reason, because aggressive communication will just cause the conversation to shut down.

Finally… always be PROUD OF YOUR BOY!