He’s My President

Those who are of the mind that our President is terrible/crazy/the enemy sure do seem emboldened to broadcast that belief, perhaps largely due to the chorus of similar sentiment in traditional media outlets — since the moment his campaign kicked off.

Not everyone feels that way, however — while there are certainly those that do, and they like to say it loudly, there are those with a more neutral opinion.

And then there are those who think he’s fucking awesome, like me, and many friends I’ve made since this election.

When I “come out” as a Trump guy, the reaction is usually shocked surprise.

“Wait…. Really? Aren’t you Hispanic?” (No.)

I watch the circus with detached amusement — for the most part. I don’t get too caught up in the details, but will say this about our guy — he’s doing what he ran on. The opposition is rallying against him — and he’s moving forward with his agenda. There will be successes and setbacks, and scandals and suprises. Walls will be built and people will resign. Security measures will increase, and the world will be made safer.

To the opposition, I have this suggestion. Take a look at your movement. Look at what you’re saying.

Look at what the message of your side is. What are you projecting? Look at who the big financiers and players are. Look at where progressive liberalism, as a movement has taken our Western society, culturally, in the last decade especially.

It’s not suprising to me that conservatism came back strong — because I’ve watched our cultural collapse from the epicenter here in Los Angeles, California for much of the last 30 years. My perception may be somewhat skewed, because I work the trenches as an EMS provider. That’s where my politics shifted from your typical young overly idealistic basement dwelling liberal fag….

To a young conservative pragmatic realist patriot with new respect for law enforcement, military, and actual work ethic to build my own life instead of telling people how to live theirs.

I keep politics somewhat close to the vest in personal/work life. I’ve had a few heated discussions, when we’ve had the luxury of downtime.

People just can’t help trashing the guy. On the Facebook feed. At the nurse’s station. On the street. At the bar.

Defunding PBS? Sure! Why the fuck not? I don’t watch that bullshit! It’s basically state sponsored liberal talking points — why should an independent conservative elected outside of the liberal political machine keep funding that garbage? There’s plenty of other channels that put out TV programming. Next.

Planned Parenthood. I had a girl write on her feed that she would be throwing her (hypothetical) unborn baby over the fence at the White House because Trump was cutting funding to Planned Parenthood. This gal’s probably late twenties — likes to drink/party, defaulted on a bunch of student loans so she could bum around the country in a van, but to her credit does work for a living. I think her implication was that she couldn’t afford to be a mother, but that the government owed her a free abortion if she happened to get pregnant due to having sex (for the purpose of pleasure, without taking simple precautions prior to/after sex to prevent that pregnancy.) I’m not a complete NO ABORTIONS guy — but I think it’s sickening how often it happens, and would love to see it happen a hell of a lot less. A hard limit of none after 8 weeks (even that is heart breaking) is something I’d push for, just as a parent and a believer — I’m absolutely distraught over the callous attitude many women have over the killing of the unborn.

“Muslim Ban” That’s not what it was. Executive order blocked eventually by the 9th circuit (very liberal appeallate court) I wasn’t opposed to this when it launched, I liked that the amended it for the US military contractors, and think that while the optics were bad — the optics have ALWAYS been bad. From the moment Trump launched his campaign, he presented himself as willing to tackle serious issues facing the country without fear of being challenged by the PC Thought Police. All of the seven countries in the travel ban were listed as state sponsors of terrorism. This certainly makes sense from a strategic perspective.

Flynn scandal. This one hurts. I was pretty stoked to have him as part of the team, and his contributions will be missed — perhaps he can still feed insight/intel as a shadow adviser that reports directly to The Donald. Had to be thrown to the wolves. There’s plenty of other high end military talent to fill the role, the more concerning task will be rooting out the leftover moles from the Obama administration that are sabotaging Trump’s people with leaks.

Really Fake News. Absolute Massacre. A humane humiliation of the press corps, The Don totally nailing it. He even had them in stitches. By now we’re used to the dynamic he’s got with these people. Before, they could be more dismissive, and now…they have to call him Mr. President! Anyone that’s gone through a reasonable amount of logical investigation into the mission of corporate news media and modern society in general would be skeptical of their neutrality, to say the least. With a network like CNN, the outright contempt and diametrical opposition to any policy or statement that Trump makes? Transparent as hell to me, and millions of other people. But they do have a target demographic that eats up their infotainment, as do liberal political shows (John Oliver, Daily Show, etc.) This narrative is put out to be absorbed, and regurgitated. Talking points, passionate diatribes, snarky dismissive condescension, and a frequent implication of intellectual superiority.

I just came up with a new term. Trump shaming. That’s what it is — the fake news media does such a good job of a full scale multiple tiered saturation bombardment, they basically make us (his supporters) targets of the liberal ire, as has been shown to be a cultural phenomena. Being ostracized from personal relationships is one thing and no big deal — but it has progressed to organized attacks of physical violence, directed against people who identify as right-wing. (See the “ANTIFA” organization who list among their enemies “centrists, police, firefighters, republicans, conservatives….”)

He Will Not Divide Us. GOOD! Come on over and jump on the Trump Train. We’re going to make America Great again! Stop arguing with reality, and telling us he’s not your president, because he is — and let’s find something that we both believe is great about this country, that we can build on, together.

As Americans. As brothers, as conservatives, as human beings, as children of god. Together.

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