Here is the deal.
Richard Warnick

The problem with this rationale, as reasonable as it sounds on its face, is that you can find a person willing to go on the record and speak about literally anything.

This is the standard operating procedure for Alex Jones. He didn’t gain a massive following by going on air and saying crazy shit, he did it by finding people with impressive-sounding credentials— “former CIA analyst” or “ex-FBI official” or “former British ambassador Craig Murray” for instance—and getting them to lend said credentials to support whatever wackadoo conspiracy theory Jones is pushing at the moment.

And listen, that’s fine! Who you choose to believe is entirely your prerogative. I get the lack of trust in unnamed sources, particularly when they come from the intelligence community or government agencies, which are notoriously opaque. But the next time you find yourself tsk-tsking Sandy Hook Truthers or Flat Earthers or Climate Deniers, know that you are looking into a mirror.