Climbing PoeTree Releases “We Survived” — First Single and Music Video Off Forthcoming Album INTRINSIC

Alixa and Naima of Climbing PoeTree have been leading a grassroots poetic insurrection for over 13 years.

Luminary lyricists, Alixa and Naima of Climbing PoeTree have just released the first single off their forthcoming album INTRINSIC. “We Survived” is the first of four music videos that will be released leading up to the official album launch in March of 2017.

Based in Brooklyn, NY with a dedication to the whole planet, Climbing PoeTree has been leading a grassroots poetic insurrection for over 13 years harnessing creativity as the antidote to the destruction of our times. Through their award-winning spoken word, music, and multimedia hip hop theater, Climbing PoeTree explores the inescapable network of mutuality that binds our existence through the ricochet of oppression and the reciprocity of liberation. Their art is a tool for catalyzing action, cross pollinating solutions, getting at the root of our most pressing social and ecological issues, and reminding us that we all belong to each other.

After 10 years of incessant touring and relentless cultural activism since the duo’s last album, Climbing PoeTree prepares to release a new collection of 17 rebel-rousing anthems, bilingual ballads, and unconventional love songs. In the production of INTRINSIC, Climbing PoeTree brought together a team of 33 world-class musicians, vocalists, and producers led by the legendary Toshi Reagon to translate their brazen lyricism into soulful compositions bridging electronic music and live instrumentation, and uniting hip-hop, rock, blues, folk, and Afro-Latin beats. Each song was designed with precision to offer honey-coated healing, horizon-stretching knowledge, and evolution-catalyzing incitement to its listeners.

The first single off of INTRINSIC, We Survived,” is an anthem about the unstoppable power of our people and a reminder of the unfathomable obstacles our ancestors have overcome for us to be alive right now. The song is a testament to our collective resiliency and a battlecry to the descendants of freedom-fighters to step into our full power to challenge the injustices of our day.

Watch and share the official music video for “We Survived” here (embedded below), and purchase the single here. (Links will be public on Tuesday, November 22nd)

For more information and tour dates visit Climbing PoeTree online here.

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“We Survived” is written and performed by Alixa Garcia & Naima Penniman, featuring Jasmine Burems & King Aswad on vocals, and King Aswad on arrangement.

The music video was directed by Climbing PoeTree, produced and edited by Alixa Garcia. Featuring dancers: Adaku Utah, Nehemoyia Young, Amy Secada, Akim Funk Buddah, Taeko Koji, Ann Sylvia Clark, and Crystelle Reola.