I am writing this on the eve of my birthday. An act of rebellion to the self. Resisting an urge to postpone any longer. Pulling the inertia of living without being alive. I felt this jolt before. It is however a different experience this time. I am aware.

This awareness is a gift that has made time slow down. It has awakened a childlikeness in me. Irony, i might say because in my 26 years of existence, old always appeared golden. That is my geek speak for living in the future and the past at the same time. Clogged by a past of imperfection and hoping for a future of success. Not a bad deal for it is exercise for the soul. But too often we forget about the Now.

My transformation has not been instant, its been a series of victories and lessons, of joy and confusion. I am more because of these, i realize now, but for a while i was lost. So with a start up to build, a ton of responsibility, i am smiling. I embrace who i am.

I have learnt a couple of things over the last two years. Hating the world i was supposedly to change. Feeling like i had barely survived a five years requirement to become a mechanical engineer in Kenya. I was a mess. For a while could not find my footing, or seem to generate enough hope to believe that such a state exists. And then a change.

Tales aside, read a book, read so many. Its called food for thought. Facebook could count but that’s like feeding a lion popcorn. Google better, its a tool, a skill that has made my personal development easier. Keep learning it is the best way to remain young.

My greatest lesson so far is that I am a creator. My thoughts, words and actions have a bearing. I am the man in the mirror. Meditate, think of it as wiping the foggy mirror. All you need is within you. Watch you’re attitude its the lenses through which you view and sense the world. Your dream is valid. But what you sow you reap. So smile, laugh for it brings about joy to the surface. There exists a deliberateness inside of me. So i will make me a small toast to celebrate my life.

Here ;Do and do with all. Assess, decide, do That’s the simplicity of genius. Most importantly be alive, accepting your destiny is part of the destiny.