Does your culture fit your purpose?

Check out this new tool I’ve released on my website. It helps you assess your culture to see how well it fosters the behaviors that bring your organization’s purpose to life.

The assessment is based on a few simple ideas:

  1. The objective of culture is to foster the right behaviors. “Right” means that they bring your purpose to life.
  2. Every element of a culture sends a message about what matters to the organization. (See this post to learn about the 15 elements of culture. There is also information in the assessment document.)
  3. When the 15 elements all send the same message, people are clear about what really matters and their behavior is likely to align to the organization’s purpose. When the 15 elements send multiple messages, people are confused and dysfunctional behavior ensues.
  4. So great leaders do the hard work of designing the culture so that it sends a unified message that reinforces the organization’s purpose.

With this tool, you can see the quality of the experience your culture creates and how unified the message is.

After using this, check out the other tool in the ‘Design your culture’ section on my site to take action based on what you learn in the assessment.

And please, if you use these tools and like them, share them with others. And I always welcome feedback to make these better.