Close up on what I read: Black Agenda Report

I am very selective about what I read and watch. It was not always this way, I used to read too much, so much that nothing of what I read could become truly actionable or fully digested. The brain can only hold so many thoughts and I felt like the wall of an atom smasher. By way of reading too much I found Seneca on what to read

I am a liberal, and a progressive. Yet neither term means anything. I am also a Democrat, another term that describes nothing but a marketing campaign. I am very active in philanthropy and my wife is extremely involved in workforce development in areas that live 2x below the poverty level. My point being I believe a progressive and a liberal must be ideologically coherent and consistent, characteristics far away from the present Democrat party and further away from the Republican party.

But, pragmatically I must be registered to one or the other, I chose the Democratic party.

Additionally my wife is on the board of several non-profits that do peer-to-peer counseling in the projects and such communities for programs like smoking cessation and nutrition. These are people who don’t give a shit about whose president, Russia, Syria or the price of Apple stock. They weren’t helped by Bush, Clinton, Bush or Obama. This is what to expect with Trump as well.

TV and media are only willing to reveal Blacks that are entirely in alignment with the white liberal portrayal. Democrats are good, everything else is evil. But then how to explain the 9 billion spent over 10 years in Baltimore to improve crime and its only worse. Stats for housing, prosperity, home ownership, jobs, two parent households are almost, if not worse, then they were 50 years ago

I am a regular reader of the Black Agenda Report. It is what is not Joy Reid, Al Sharpton or Obama. Dont read it to find an additional source of confirmation to what you know, cos you could be wrong. I don’t agree with everything it says/I don’t agree with everything CNN says…

Start with this post:

Naked Capitalism All things finance,economics,politics and power

Heritage Foundation This has a reputation for being a conservative think tank. Perhaps it is but that shouldn’t rule against the quality of its think pieces on a variety of topics

John Cochrane A grumpy economist

Charles Hugh Smith Charles is cynical and waiting for bubbles and social systems to pop. It’s a blog updated daily and I check in on it frequently. It is well cross linked to relevant posts that connect to how he formed his opinions. Mises Institute.

Austrian Economics,Freedom and Peace Mises has many contributing writers,all brilliant in their respective niches. Its content covers a lot of ground,political,social and economics. Peruse it and read of bit of all

Zero Hedge Curated content that features mostly economic and political news

Brad Delong Prof of Economics at Berkeley. Dep Assistant Secretary for Economic Policy of the U.S. Treasury during the Clinton Administration. Great financial commentary blog

There are commentaries I disagree with on the left,right and in the middle. But,does that make the ‘whole’ bad? I have read the posts that I find objectionable but I also feel a bit richer for having read them because I can argue with words,not emotion or rage. In that way,free speech is a wonderful thing,you can read the opposition,it can register,point by point,true or false,good or bad

Unz longer form journalism and commentary

Chris Arnade He meets people. He takes pictures. He writes incredibly wonderful essays

Thomas Dalrymple A lot of what he has written,has lingered with me long beyond the shelf life of a meme

XX Committee intelligence,strategy and security in a dangerous world

Rumini Callimachi Rukmini writes about terrorism. She is incredibly informed and has such insight into the different systems,issues,cultures,people and issues

Fred On Everything Scurrilous Commentary by Fred Reed

Taki ‘s Mag A strange assortment. Sometimes objectionable, sometimes not. The Intercept Covers a lot of territory, I check on it periodically and go backwards to find what I’ve missed

Lew Rockwell Lew’s site is curated with a bent towards all the things I like about Murray Rothbard. It is very anti war, anti state and pro-capitalist




Investor. Extreme Salesman. Always interested. Sometimes interesting. Lurks at

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Adam Townsend

Adam Townsend

Investor. Extreme Salesman. Always interested. Sometimes interesting. Lurks at

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