Graphic composite. Photos by Adam DuBrowa/FEMA and NOAA.

As hurricane season begins, America needs a FEMA head

Thursday marked the beginning of this year’s hurricane season. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) estimates 2017 will bring more storms than normal, with 2 to 4 major Atlantic hurricanes expected. While the president spent the day denying much of the science behind such predictions, his nominee to lead the response to any disaster sits awaiting confirmation.

To President Trump’s credit, at least he has a nominee. Trump lags far behind past presidents, having identified candidates for only 63 of 559 positions for which he must to nominate. …

From the cacophonous wake following FBI Director James Comey’s ouster emerges a choice among fundamental truths:

  • (A) James Comey is a good man, motivated by a deep internal sense of justice. He should be commended and thanked for his years of committed public service.
  • (B) James Comey grossly mishandled the Clinton email case, repeatedly overstepping the authority of his investigative role through public statements and judgments traditionally and appropriately left to prosecutors. His justification for these acts was insufficient, and he deserved to be removed from office.
  • (C) James Comey was terminated in a flagrant abuse of presidential power, intended…

We too casually throw around these terms: career; career ladders; career paths and tracks. All are rather modern concepts — recent creations, far from etched in stone.

For most of human history, a day’s occupation was simply survival. Work to eat and not get eaten. As human communities began to form, individuals within them began to take on roles suited to their abilities. Hunter. Gatherer. Nurturer.

Time marched on. These roles became familial, earning coveted slots on ships headed to the New World. Some of you may carry the legacy of these family occupations in your own names: Farmer or…

The election of Donald Trump represents myriad transformations of our culture. Shifts in how we engage with institutions, brands and public figures stand foremost, shepherding with them tremendous developments in presidential campaign communication.

The most effective way to gain a vote remains the firm handshake and look in the eye. That much has never changed. But for even the earliest presidential campaigns, at the turn of the 19th century, our nation was already too vast for meaningful “retail” campaign craft.

The campaigns of this era epitomized Tip O’Neill’s “all politics is local” aphorism of two hundred years later. Voters rarely…

Adam Sharp

20+ years at the intersection of politics, journalism, and technology. Consultant. Speaker @LAISpeakers. Former @TwitterForNews @gov @cspan @nbcnews #ussenate.

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