I’ve seen a few news pieces and the NV Democratic Party’s response, and they are putting forward…
Tyler Winkler

Actually one more point on your write up. Because passing the temporary rules to permanent rules is required to continue with other convention business, the vote required was only a majority (not 2/3). If they wanted to suspend the rules and have them amended, that required 2/3 majority vote by Roberts Rules. It’s in the section of Roberts Rules of Order clearly that any business that is required only needs a majority. But just of another note, the NVDems actually require a 3/4 majority vote to suspend rules. It’s actually in the bylaws.

I’d suggest reading everything regarding the bylaws and rules. She had the right to call an end to the convention and use the delegate slates that each campaign supplied because law enforcement informed her the situation could become dangerous (Paris Security and METROs words, not hers). The vote in that case is by the executive committee not the floor delegates (which the committee voted to adjourn). Had Security and METRO not used those words, Sanders supporters may have had a valid argument for adjourning like that.

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