Why We Won’t Be Making Websites

100x on your strengths is the key.

At the fire alarm, we love making websites. The two of us started out our tech career in making webesites & iOS apps — heavily UX/UI focused projects. I myself am a very capable modern frontend developer with deep knowledge of the current landscape (React, Vue, Webpack, Babel, ect). Personally, I love developing frontend projects and I’m quite proficient.

However, I absolutely suck at design. Even the design for the recent rebrand of our website (MVP is up, and we’re going to be running a quick weekly update cycle as we push more capabilities into it) took me hours & hours of iteration and shitty ideas. And it’s most certainly not a great design even after all that.

The story is much the same for my best friend and co founder Ethan. It’s not that we can never be good at design but that to be a good designer you need to spend a lot of time practising if it doesn’t come naturally to you. And it’s just not as fun to me as getting to write killer software.

In the past I’ve worked on web design concepts where I’ve been handed the UI & simply built it. That for me is certainly ‘staying in our lane’; delivering high performance, maintainable and testable systems.

But to offer website development as a service?

Not in our lane.

That’s why we won’t make your website for you.

Over the coming two months we will start to open our doors to contract work. It’ll be 100% comprised of machine learning and API development — no websites. Not because it’s a crowded market place, but because it’s just not us. We’re not designers. We’re not UX experts. We don’t know how to make your website look slick.

What we know how to do, is build systems that give your website/app the functionality it needs in extremely scalable ways. We know how to take your raw data, transform it into predictive models, and then deeply integrate those predictive models into your existing platforms to fundamentally enhance the end user experience.

So that’s what we will do. And I strongly advise that other small business owners look at what they’re the best — and only do that.