Types of Bugs 🐞

Bug triage is one of the less glamorous responsibilities of a product manager. (It doesn’t have the same caché as, say, sending meeting recaps.) When someone reports an issue with your software, you need to be able to categorize it quickly so it can be prioritized.

Here’s a list of the different types of bugs you might see with software.

  1. The Heisenbug. This bug changes its behavior when observed.
  2. Michigan J. Bug. This bug cannot be reproduced by anyone other than the original observer.
  3. Tip of the icebug. This is a bug that engineers are careful to avoid because they know there’s an enormous amount of unseen work required to fix it.
  4. The Hydrabug. When you kill this bug, 2 new bugs take its place.
  5. Scott Hattebug. This is a bug engineers are quick to pick up because it gives them a chance to refactor code that’s never been very performant.
  6. Steven Spielbug. A bug whose effect on the user is so unbelievable that you call other people over to look at it with you.
  7. Volkswagen Bug. A simple bug that affects a huge percentage of the user base.
  8. The Buggerang. A bug that just keeps coming back.
  9. Mark Wahlbug. A bug that seems imposing at first but as actually not that big.
  10. John Ratzenbugger. A bug that has shown up in one form or another in every major feature across the company.
  11. The Hindenbug. Oh the humanity!
  12. The Williamsbug. Someone tried to write some vintage Lisp in a Python file.

What other kinds of bugs have you come across?