3 Goose Hunting Tips to Save Your Season

A time comes in every hunter’s life when he experiences frustrating days. He spent long hours trying to apply different tactics, but even then nothing works. Actually, there are small details, which he is supposed to take care of before moving for a goose hunting Missouri. These small things can make a difference and you will not return with an empty bag.


It is essential to go for pre-scouting to increase the success rate. If you could locate those fields, which are liked by geese and they have used it as their first step. Remember geese are selective about their feeding areas and they return to the same field quite often. You need to focus on that specific part of the field, which they have chosen for feeding purposes


You have to locate in advance where you are going to conceal yourself. Prefer using natural cover if it is available and use it as a blind. In case you could not find any natural cover in that area, then a portable layout blind must be preferred to conceal yourself in the field. Camouflage yourself with the same kind of vegetation from that particular field where you are hunting and hiding yourself. Some people use the new layout blind, which is of bright color. In case you have a bright pattern, then rub mud on it and it will become dull. This will give your blind a natural look. Another mistake which hunters make is they cannot sit completely still. They feel like checking the geese, this is a natural tendency. If you will make any little movement to watch the geese keys, then geese will also notice your movements.


When it comes to shooting hunters try everything. The decoy can provide results only in one condition that they are spread out. This will increase their effectiveness in many folds. Sometimes hunters make the mistake of putting them together. They put it so close that the geese will hover and fly away because they cannot find enough space for them to land. Geese have a wingspan of four to six feet. You never have seen geese flying into another while landing or taking off even if they are landing in a big group of geese. So if you keep your decoys with a distance of 6 feet, then it will serve as an inviting opportunity to the geese.

It would be great if you take a mentor or an experienced person along with you. This will save a lot of time of yours and increase the chances of your success. Moreover you can save a few dollars as the experienced man will tell you to bring only those things which are essential. He will advise you to take the best shots and appropriate gun, 12 gauge shotguns with steel shots are considered good. By doing this you will omit the things, which are not so important. It is good to have a company when moving for a goose hunting Missouri, if you couldn’t find an experienced person, then it is advised to take a friend along with you.

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