Best Paving Contractor San Jose for Asphalt Repairs

Asphalt, also known as bitumen, is a type of semi-solid petroleum, having gluey, highly vivacious and black color appearance as its primary characteristics. It is basically used as a binding material, and therefore, mixed with stone, sand or gravel to form asphalt-concrete. Asphalt concrete is a material, which is widely used in asphalt paving to construct roads. It is made-up from 5% of asphalt-bitumen and rest 95% of sand, stone and gravel. This construction material is best-known for its durability and strength, and therefore, used mostly for paved surfaces. Besides making roads, it is used to construct residential driveways and parking spaces. It is also used for bituminous waterproofing products as well as for sealing flat roofs.

Paving Contractor San Jose for Residential and Commercial Properties

For construction and repairing of asphalt paving in San Jose area, you can get a handful number of contractors that offer quality service in providing a clean and safe pavings for residential as well as commercial properties. These San Jose paving contractors have years of experience of working on different types of paving surfaces, including the asphalt paving. Paving contractor San Jose use latest solutions to make robust and durable pavings, made from asphalt and concrete.

San Jose Asphalt Repair

For pavement repair requirements, asphalt repair and patching work are considered as the most affordable solution. Potholes in asphalt construction occur, when

• Moisture gets into the existing cracks in pavement
• Cracks multiply
• Asphalt construction breaks into smaller pieces
For asphalt potholes repairing in san jose asphalt repair, you can follow the two stated procedures.

1. Filling the pothole: This is the easiest way to repair the pothole with a mixture, made by hot or cold asphalt and compact. In order to fill the hole, you need to first, remove the broken asphalt, dirt and gravel from the hole. Secondly, you need to apply a tack coat inside the pot hole to bind it with the new asphalt. Thirdly, place the hot or cold mix asphalt with a hand tool. Lastly, level and compact the asphalt with a tamper. This method is quite inexpensive and quick to get the repairing done.

2. Saw cutting: Saw cutting around the boundary of the damaged area helps in removing the pothole along with the cracks in it. Besides this, it also gives a clean appearance to the repairing done. For this saw cutting, you need to firstly saw cut the boundary of the pothole. Secondly, you need to remove the asphalt inside the saw cuts, and then replace the gravel beneath the old asphalt. Thirdly, you need to apply the hot or cold mix asphalt with a hand tool. Lastly, you need to level and compact the asphalt with a tamper. This method is quite expensive but gives a clean look to the repair and maintenance work.

The services offered by paving contractor San Jose include the following.

• New driveways and parking spaces
• Complete resurfacing
• Repairing of surfaces
• Filing of cracks in old asphalt constructions
• ADA-compliant stripping
• Seal-coating
• Special finishes and slurry coating

You can choose among the stated services to get your asphalt construction and repairing done with precision and quality.