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A good chance , … to explain why i nounie verbs,. Definition. Romance. The last mystery of words, . Actually, depending on ones interpretation. ! I would actually say that having to write this letter by letter on a tablet, is far more nounie verbie than i would have wanted to write , but people like a story on Medium., so i will do one to explain why romance novels are a asperger autistic asexual invention., ops i almost spoke for myself , as alien Spong ,. Me as asexual , the aim was yo predict, future romance . Which has of had had would have have fallen into the void of romance had i known that it is the Freudian id of a larger ego, as i am . are alien observer, i thought that i could not alter the course of human, destiny ,. back to the future speak ,. someones life is not linear ,out of a time warp transference of mind swap, in nounie verber speak,. That , would make the subjunctive love an animated form, But it took, another noun as verbie asexual, to teach me sbout the detective speak, which , i now use at all the time, though not at expert level,, i still do not, future past interpret properly, as motive direction, and motive of the , romantic mystery , is one reason, i remove my participation, in the inevitable ,. An asperger does animate peoples lives and sees words differently, but it takes two detectives to piece together a destiny, sometimes a one person , story on Medium, needs observers, from our asexual space ships, zoom,zoom,zoom, Spong ,.out, ,,

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