A Mutual Love of Magic Hogwarts Cats

A Mutual Love of Magic Hogwarts Cats

A Summertime end’s Tale
hogwarts fanfiction by adam spong

Alison Powerpunch is an understanding student at hogwarts eho poses as a shopkeeper in Digon Alley after her wild times in Hood town. She leads a simple life. However, all that changes when Alison books a summer holiday to damp Weezle town.

At first Alison finds Weezle town very hilly. Then there’s the mysterious, holes all over town that have to be manintained and filled in by the grounds keeper , Royal MacDonald, who makes him feel scared.

When Roy invites her on a bopping expedition, Alison begins to realise that Royal is after her pet wezzle.

Alison knows in her heart that Royal is the man that caught her pet weezle . However, to secure her happiness, Alison must fend off the down to earth cleaner, Felicity Bricksmith, who wants to get her claws into her pet weezzle.

Using her scheming magical parrots and a mutual love of cats, Alison sets out to snare Royal once and for all fo catching her pet weezle . But will there be fun times in the shopkeepers life , with the return of her wezzle ?

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