Cassandra and Drew Hogwarts fanfiction

yeah fanfiction time, i time changed everything to 2016, i was about to 2002 al the stories. so onwards to 2016
another Drew dream . from Cassandra .

Drew was sitting down eating his noodles, hmm “ Cuppa noodle soup, he relished his moments with his noodle . His noodle moments made him the man he is today, We all love a good noodling. The noodle makes us feel like demin kings. 
Suddenly Drew saw a stone on the ground. it had words on it. “ i love you forever Drew. 
A stone with words etched into it shouldn’t have been able to evoke this emotion in him. He thought about the early days when he was courting Cassandra
he pondered, about Cassandra . 
he wondered. for so long, and then. Cassandra just happened to walk by and Drew placed the stone in his pocket. Cassandra was in the same spot trying to find the stone that she had written on so many years ago . “ have you seen a handwritten stone. “ Cassandra asked. oh yes, Drew said, here it is right here. ‘ i love Drew, “ very fascinating, , such truer words , foretold, like a dream. treasured forever. the love of Drew and Cassandra

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