11;11 Fantastic Mr Fox asperger review of human-animal stories

i like to divide the fanfiction with real insights into my asperger trait.

i recall i could look at my 2009, interpretation of the 2009 movie, that i saw, 25 november 2009./ , 7 years ago, oh, no it was determined it was a january 15 birthday time movie for me, to see on my birthday, lol, here i am . star wars and rogue one as the movies for each birthday, and here i was in a diffeent tome zone to 2009, wow, to think, it is so much different than my adam spong of 2009, who was that weirdo,. Watching movies and interpreting the asperger content, the appeal, to asperger high funtioning reality.

wait lets see, if it is the 7, times 354, oh, 17 november as anniversary. oh, i am 2months and 17 days ahead. oh well, i should fix up my 2009 look back. i need to get the right weekend. ok, i will plan these a bit better, as i don;t want to read my 2009 adam spong, i have to rely on the adam spong of 2016 to determine the events of 2009 look back,. the adam spong of 2009, long gone, gone, he is. Vanished without a trace.

so, what i was faniliar with in the asperger retelling of the Talented mr Fox , oh the Fantastic Mr fox, . lol, i even forgot the name, i was thinking of the talented mr Ripley, tee hee,

so George Clooney as a fox, a Fantastic fox,m what i remember is that it was mainly a male audience, and the issue their is Roald Dahl, oviously, all talking animals in his mind were male.

oh, the leading person of the mail, person to employ the fantastic crime solving Fox. was the one to play Narcissa Malfoy in the Harry Potter story. Helen McCrory best known in Hugo, the movie. and in 2012. tv series Dead Gorgeous , also had a role as the Sherry Blair. in meeting the Queen. very. civil, lol . wow./ looking back what a career. and Anna Kerenina. And Homeland. lol, the strange owrld of tv similarity the stars of Hogwarts all working together. and the 007. all British actors get the bond roles. and Peaky Blindwers. how , what was i reviewing. Fantastic mr fox, i have used up all the time looking at one actor. lol, ok, job done, explained.

oh yes, it was the first movie that used the actors demeanor as the characters walk, and detailed positioning of their whole body actions, amazing, it would have to be the best movie for interactive actual live performance use of real actors as motivation to make a movie.

yes in the Asperger stakes, the way a movie is identifiable by the detail, is the one redeeming feature that makes a movie stand out. and the Fantastic Mr Fox never gets old, well, even if it is set in 1970, in a Roald Dahl universe.

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