Genesis Probe by adam spong

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Fudge Together Formula

A Slush Novel
 Genesis Probe by adam spong

“I’m going to need fudge together formula, big, fudge together formula.”

The trouble with “Bang out a big one: was now that he had not known love or loss until he had of had nouned his verbies before the big date cake lotion smoulder and risked loosing his push the pen logic to get coin a phrase Knocked Up.

His fabricated life is shattered when his learns that his arch nemesis “pencil down ghost writers” plan to orchestrate the full Knock Knock door jokes and he knows he has to stop them or his heart will sink in “Forever Abyss”.

At 24, the narrator from “forge the cronie” has both a score and dictate fetish. But will it be enough to protect :”Knocked Up”? she loved a good dictation, and the narrator knew all the key positions that Knocked up knew to stand in.

He goes to a spoken poet fanfest festival in foundry where he acquires some fudge together formula and fantasize about his love of fudging. It finally seems that he will be able to stop the ghost writers that want to orchestrate a full Knock Knock joke.

However, “bang bang thank you mame” finds himself troubled by his fabricated ideals and becomes overwhelmed with moral questions. He questions his own conscience , at the thought of him doing whatever is needed to stop the pencil down ghost writers?

Genesis Probe delivers a brave and poignant story that explores the love between a narrator and his coin a phrase ghost writer.

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