nom noms dream waiting for hogwarts to start 1 september


Next part. Medium blog edits. I like Medium as it tells me where capitals and commas should go. As an Easy way to get out of August. The best way to get out of august, is to think about how i dream, and interpret my world, , how did I even do this in the past, Ialways wonder, . it is September soon, and time to fill in the time with random dream, here are my weird dreams, nom noms dream

What would you do if you knew there were yummy people with shocking cake habits near the fridge you love?

OnE night before the big cake bake off,.. the rule of “no sugar “ changed everything for Ace the pastry chef , a 14-year-old apprentice baker from real town.

One moment, she is discussing cheeses with her tasting tongue, Errir ; the next, watching with horror as the marshmellows started to go yummy yummy and nom nom each other.

She knows these marshmellow dreams are not real, came from a place in her head, but she can’t prove it — at least not without some lovely book about dreams.

The Toastie, true woman president of Real Town knows that her life life is set to be a chef . She acquires some lovely talents and is reborn as the cake baking hero who will save the world from yummy sugar addiction.

However, ace finds herself troubled by her life ideals and becomes overwhelmed with her love of sugar, how can she give up the sugar. so many questions. Will her conscience allow her to do whatever is needed to win the cake and bake and not use sugar. to win, to sacrifice it all, ?

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