sex work statistics retirement and marriage in myspace 2003–2016

over the years, the whole sexwork verse online popularity and gamer culture is linked to the popularity over time.

This report , examines the numbers of sex workers on a given year, to the timeline of eventual marriage and the new data figures.

in 2013, i did a check we had a blow job in parliament, #tony abbott really got on sexworkers nut sacks over time. so sex workers went out in protest.

but to denial of the LNP of their lust for sex work culture might have left a deprived world open for them to abuse some other sector, . so far immigrants and pensioners are on their list,

gone are the days when we could tame our Liberal National can of dick fucks and give them a mental facility to go to,because they signed the paper to shut it all down.

alot resent their LNP mental care facility and shut it down, removed funding, it is a common occurance in the LNP , both in the 1950, 1990’s. LNP are fucked in the head over their dream blow job Menzies era. the HOward era, and the #campbell #newman, Qld removal of the social need for youth and mental heath facilities,

the Liberal conservative National party in australia are deeply resentful of their past, and their mental heath past, the LNP would rather burn the church down that helped them embezzle money, and destroy their past, then let is sit there, like a past history of their indiscretions, .

so LNP are so resentful and egotistical that classical needs based funding gets cut from all of the good old fashioned facilities so they can look at their dick fuck pockets full of wall street cocain and blow jobs in their cock fucks .. LNP fucked it and put it out there so far,that we used to have in australia, that original tax payers paid for to keep as australian assets and LNP put their dick right in them, and sold them to the brothel market.

the mental health world in australia eroded by LNP dick fucks in parliament who are so mentally in — capable of facing their past, LNP would rather shut it down so no one has access to the help they recieved,

marriage, yeah fuck that, is the liberal policy is to fuck marriage and access to land ownership, all private land will be nullified by the liberal party and no one will even have assets. , is what malcolm turnbull’s war cry is about, Turnbull lost the election in 2016, and here he is invading australia to do a full revenge tactic,

malcolm turnbul i s the biggest threat to australia and the LNP liberal national party are fucked in the head,.

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