Spong journey

Not really realising yet that whatever platform that i am on, ,. as it is to have had been the 7 year journey again. If said journey is now locked in tumblr timeline overlapping of 2007 to 2016,. Fans have admitted they don,t want another spongo dolly tea party account,. So, in, respect to the devoted fans,. I must follow the fandom, the majority have spoken,. And so old 7 year tumblr will now act as the follow on time lime , in the cocnut spong , line , time line , . in fact the twitters , are all the originals as well, no none likes the emergency , twitter tumblr , 16 fan sites on FB.

Do , here we are , ready for the next 37 months 3 years times 3 personality checks of my asperger reality,. 87 months in total, 7 years , 2556 days agsin , adding the leap year , but there , has to be one leap year in each of the 7 years, 87 day reainder to 2478 days , the 87 days is usually the 11 to 12 days that i forget a month,

So, here goes , ya got your owl, books . Ball bags packed ,. Time to get into the , crash swing boom magic cauldron of things , off to hogwarts ,

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