spring loose in the head . by Adam Spong

All For Dollie 43 timeline

A Romance Novel
 by spring loose in the head . Adam Spong

( while i wait for hogwarts to get back in a few days, ,. time for some dreamie dream sequences, )

We begin with 18-year-old Cog Flywheel lives an oil change life with his sophisticated car, Dollie Wheels, in car yard town.

However, the race ending flag waver’s life is turned upside down when he goes to a champion race in mechanic town, one town over , in the colony, where there are oil change and grease festivals each weekend. that like to lube each other and get dressed up to do fine things together.

Fast, swauve cog is shocked by this revelation and does not want to grease and lube each other anymore.

Certain that he’s doing the right thing, he goes home and gets himself some extra spanners and a new rev spedometer, that makes him return to mechanic town.

However, when Dollie calls, begging him to come home, Cog is forced to decide what is more important: stopping by the oil change and grease festival or, go to that other place where they lube each other, or preserving his relationship with his car?

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