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As a magician, ones actions predicate the end result, to me 7 years of Hogwarts is a rather long course of action,. To the final end, one also has to be a student who recently used magic for the first time. Scenarios are large in the Hogwarts universe. When the neighbours big cat was meowing at you and wanting food off ofyou, you were suddenly able to jump all the way across the neighbours garden feed the cat and fly back into your own.

One could do it as a muggle but, for a predictive interpretation, one could be pretending to be playing in the garden by yourself while your parents are doing yard work.

So what is it is a simple Leviosa . spell, to lift a leaf,. or a large cat. How would a first year be able to make it seem so easy , yet make it look like a simple move to get to O.W.L level management of spell production.

Thoughtful responses to thinking ahead of time.