the soap bubble teacher at Ilvermorny

We introduce the new magic man of Ilvermorny. his name is Doppler Effect , who manufacturers magically made high-end soap and sells it at both Groompwallow and Beezzlebark stores in the New york Area. He has heard the gossip has spread about him that he has a taste for pickles.

Dopple discovers how to implant memories from your future into your brain using magic bubble mixture.

one of his experiments went wrong, and a young woman from his past constantly falls in love with Dopple every Moon Landing . Ferrer Rocket is her name. She gets so in love with Dopple, who was fifteen years younger. Now that Dopple is a teacher at Ilvermorny. He thought he was in for a chance.

“What do I talk to about when I go to the Grompwallow swing dancing together” he thought, , Dopple thinks about how does he persuade her tto dance the night away, just liek they used to dance as teenagers, in love. .

The adventure begins in Ilvermorny,. the bubble temptation of the new Ilvermorny teacher at hogwarts, will be a new catalyst to , the amazing adventures in Ilvermorny. Will i stop writing Ilvermorny in each sentence ,

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