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11;11 well, that is it for friday, all done, see you all, next week , i will be back next week. all these Hogwarts blog entries will end in 2023, in 18 000 blog entries time, i will have Drew Marrying Cassandra. i wonder what the audience will think . do you think my main characters are good for each other, or will be good together, i made this funny blog about legs Cassandra and Drew the denim king, its so funny to wake up and write about my dreams,..

here it is , .. Drew Blogz a lot about her Cassandra. He makes a blog about long legz Cassandra/ Drew is from nebraska. His life was always intertwined in Cassandra’s past. and thought they were headed to greater things by going to Hogwarts together . When Drew first met cassandra in the local library, she was a very interesting girl with a heart full of ambition, ,and a brain so powerful :she was also a woman with a passion for art. drew takes an instant liking to cassandra and loved the ways she used to dance around the library. with the bump and dill dance moves she learnt during her years in lincoln. However, when a Dorkie tries to get Endless Shafter to sly on drew, cassandra springs to the rescue. drew begins to notices that cassandra is actually rather honourable lady at heart. But, the pressures of Cassandra as a first year student at Hogwarts, it leaves her blind to drew’s affections and drew takes up magic to try an distract himself. Finally, when the snog lover, serenity , threatens to come between them, cassandra has to act fast. But will they ever find the wonderful love that they deserve? What will become of this affection , between Drew and Cassnadra.

How will it end in 7 years time. will this blog still go til 2023, we will find out. .. this will be 18 000 stories in the end, until 2023. so I will have fun along the way.

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