white male dominant redneck tool bags culture want your donuts

dominant culture , the us and them , theory of sexuality in america ..

i ask myself the same question, . about a topic about , asexual, schizoid , here we are in new theory of transgender or asexuality. no sexuality territory has the right ot make another lesser than the one that is equal , and we have a fully sexed white male telling us that us asexual aspergers skitzoids are the problem because we don;t have sex and want sexual gratification. iconoclastic, people are structures in religious sectors, and ownership of land and differentiating monetary value to financial instutions, now in australia none of this theory works. as +sam vakin describes. in australia. to be anytthing other than ful hetrosexual is to not even be regognised by the establishment and the patriarchy. i must have had a need to want to be part of society . and get removed by the popular culture which want to use us as a pawn in the discussion of why they are better than us all. these ruling class with the sex , cars and house, deem them and us, and anyone below them as the literature of their gospel demands, as subserviant to them.

an asperger’s life is forever deemed different to that of popular culture, they forget we are the consumers of their product. . think of it as academia thinking that it owns all the books. and they have all the history. yet , in the asperger world, there is a constant mind shift. in the schizoid and the asperger asexual, transgender dynamic. none of this would work as theory in post same sex marriage and equility new theory of the world, as all genders sexualities are equal now. and no one should demean and negate the over 12 000 sexualities in the world, celebrate your alone ness, it is a sexuality, alone ness is a full functioning adult thing

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