My First Virtual Reality Groping
Jordan Belamire

Calling this sexual assault is disrespectful to actual victims of sexual assault. You where a victim of unpleasant harassment, bad behaviour and someone waving virtual controllers in a rather slimey manner but you where not and never where a victim of sexual assault. It’s the equivalent of arguing that you where a victim of virtual murder because someone shot you in a VR computer game.

Don’t get me wrong, as someone who uses a Vive all the time, I know exactly what it’s like to have someone doing things in your virtual space that are unpleasant and unwelcome but that’s all it is. No one ever physically touched me and no matter how disconcerting it is, no crime has been committed. I’m just a victim of one individuals bad behaviour, which goes hand in hand with how some people behave over the internet.

I also feel it’s highly unfair how sensationalised you’ve made this article. Many VR games and experiences have a block facility. Use it and move on. It doesn't make it right, it doesn't make it fair but if you’re going to get offended at a bunch of pixels and someone waving a controller in an inappropriate manner then you shouldn’t be on the internet to begin with. Thats’s not a justification of others poor behaviour but a reality of the situation.