Hey Adam. As someone who has also experienced being virtually assaulted in a sexual manner, I…
Tiff Chow

Sorry Tiff but no. You can claim I’m “not very understanding” all you want but this is not and never was “sexual assault” and I take offence at it. I’m disheartened that so many here seem to believe it is such and paint it in such a manner. As I said, If I’m shot in a game in VR, it’s not “virtual murder”. I’f I get blown up in a VR war game I’m not going to compare it to that of a real soilder with real injury's. There is no crime here and the second we start trying to imply there is one (given this situation), we are screwed. Explain to me how a “actual assault” can take place in VR when the very legal definition of assault is is based in the physical? No sane judge or officer of the law would consider “wiggling a controller in a suggestive manner with in your personal virtual space” a crime.

But please don’t misunderstand, I totally agree it’s unpleasant behaviour, a form of sexual harassment and it has no place in social VR let alone the real world. I am not justifying this persons behaviour nor am I diminishing the fact that women experience said behaviour. I’m simply stating the fact that your only solution in this situation is a block / ignore button. In any social media situation, VR or not, be it Facebook, Reddit, Altspace etc etc, there are always going to be people you do not want to interact with for whatever reason.

So it simply comes down to this. If you want a safe space, you’re going to have to make your own, grow thicker skin and just stay out of social VR experiences. Report and deal with the real crimes that exist in cyberspace and not the ones that your simply offended by because these people are not going to go away as long as anonymity online exists.

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