My name is Taylor Adams and I am going to be trying to get into writing a bit in hopes of eventually starting up a blog. I haven’t written anything since high school so I’ll be using Medium as practice for a while in hopes that someone actually reads what I put out and can give their opinions and criticism to help me improve.

A Little About Myself

Again my name is Taylor and I’m 22 years old. I was born and raised in a small town in Texas where A love for the outdoors was deeply instilled in me. I am currently an enlisted sailor in the United States Navy stationed in San Diego, CA. My job in the navy as an aircraft maintainer keeps me far too busy to spend as much time as I would like experiencing the outdoors. Hopefully beginning this… hobby? of writing will also give me that push to get out more and find things to actually write about.

What To Expect From Me

Moving forward from this I hope to put out stories from my past, reviews of different outdoor destinations I visit, and maybe just random musing about things going through my head.

As I mentioned before I am 100% new at this writing thing so any and all comments positive or negative are most welcome; and while I’m sure this and many of my beginning stories or posts will be hard to read if not total garbage, the main goal of all this is to improve. In time I hope to see much progress in my writing skills as well as content.